Help Your Business Banking Clients Succeed

If you are unable to serve your client’s financing needs, we are here to help you.

help your business
If you have a client or prospect who is ready to grow but doesn’t meet the requirements for traditional lending or financing, Flexent may be able to help them make that important hire, expand their product line or take that next big step in their business evolution.
Flexent is a community bank owned program, so we understand how to work quickly and seamlessly with other banks, like you, to help meet all of your clients’ needs.
By coming alongside banks to offer working capital options, Flexent can help your clients finance growth, even if they have slow-paying customers or have challenged balance sheets. By looking at accounts receivable and inventory, we are able to unlock frozen assets by looking ahead at a company’s future rather than its past.

Become a Flexent Referral Partner

By becoming a Flexent Referral Partner, you have the unique opportunity to help more businesses while also creating more non-interest income for your bank. As part of the partnership, your bank can earn non-interest fee income or the opportunity to participate in the facilities, all while keeping your current loans, deposits and other relationships.


To learn more about the partnership and revenue options with Flexent contact Kevin Wood, Managing Director of Flexent.

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Backed by Over 100 Years of Experience

As a division of Chesapeake Bank, Flexent is backed by the strength of a 121-year-old FDIC insured institution that has been offering these flexible financial options to businesses since 1995. So, you’ll have a trusted advisor for both lenders and their clients.

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