Make This a
Make it Moment

Every business faces make-or-break moments. Our goal is to help businesses make it… and make it big. That’s why we created Flexent — inflection point financing that provides entrepreneurs access to the cash and counsel they need to fund expansion, make a strategic acquisition, bring a vital hire onboard, pay off pressing debt, or pursue an unexpected opportunity when it looks like they’ve exhausted other financing options.

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We’re Here for You.

When someone has the ambition, vision and determination to see the next big step in their business but needs the cash to Make It Happen, Flexent is here to provide the critical financing needed with the backing of a bank that’s been trusted by businesses for over 120 years.


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Backed by a Bank

Flexent is a subsidiary of top-rated Chesapeake Bank. We are a safe, federally regulated, low-cost option for companies who need business financing. Because of our excellent pricing and customer service, our average client stays with us for over five years.

Getting Started

We collect a standard Bank financial package along with current Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reports. If we determine that we can help your company, we will provide a proposal with the pricing and basic structure of the program. If accepted by you, we start the underwriting process toward gaining approval to grow your business.
Kevin Wood

“My team and I love what we do. We give trust and confidence to our clients, thanks to our many years of experience.”

— Kevin Wood, Managing Director of Flexent


Contact Details

PO BOX 799
Gloucester, Virginia 23061

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Phone: 804-693-2796
Fax: 804-693-0898

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