Accounts Receivable

Convert your outstanding invoices and receivables into cash

Accounts Receivable Financing

At A Glance

  • Customized solutions
  • Transparent pricing
  • Keep your equity
  • Personal Service
  • Secure financial partnership
  • Backed by a bank

80 - 90%

advance rate

No hidden fees

we quote our best rate upfront

Same day

or next day funding

$100K to $8M+

facility size

If you were paid same day,
would you be more profitable?

Take on New Customers:
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Grow your book of business and service more clients than ever with a flexible working capital facility.
Operate on Cash Basis:
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Reconcile and simplify your income and cash flow statements by receiving cash the day you invoice.
Bridge the Gap with Flexibility:
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Avoid waiting on your customers to pay, and meet their terms without draining your cash reserves.
Take Advantage of Supplier Discounts:
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Pay your suppliers faster than ever with increased cash flow, taking advantage of discounts and improving relationships.
Nimbly Navigate Seasonal Fluctuations:
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Navigate seasonal fluctuations with a facility that can keep up with rising and falling seasonal demand.
Stop worrying about payroll deadlines:
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Keep cash on hand to meet payroll deadlines without having to slow down growth.

How does it work?

Our Accounts Receivable Financing product is structured under a purchase/sale agreement, which is often referred to as factoring. This gives your business a more flexible and scalable cash flow solution.


Perform your service or deliver your product, and invoice your client as usual


Submit invoices to your customer as normal and send a copy to us


We review your batch before we purchase.


You receive cash same day (or next day) so you can keep growing your business

Invoice Financing may be right for you if

you are in a high growth phase

you don't meet traditional lending requirements

You wait up to 120 days for payment

You are just starting out

What our clients say

A Fantastic SolutionJohn Marshal, Atlantic Coast Electrical Supply
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For the size we were, and the risk of how we started our company, it was a fantastic solution and a great relationship.
Flexent stepped inKevin Donnelly, Speedwire
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Flexent stepped in to make sure you had the cash to make all of this happen.
They did anything they could to helpRuss Izzo, TruMedic
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They bent and twisted their program whenever I needed. I reached out to them and they did anything they could to help.
Right next doorTony Wiggins, Visual Solutions Distributing
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I've never had a better banking relationship. They felt like they were right next door to my business.

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