A More Flexible Approach to Working Capital

Flexent isn’t like traditional lending. Flexent doesn’t provide money based on what you currently own or what you’ve done in the past, but rather provides money based on what you have happening in the future. It’s perfect if you’re in need of:

  • Quick access to cash
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible draw amounts
  • Less restrictive financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

If you have outstanding invoices, you can get cash in quickly by using the strength of your invoices.

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Asset-Based Lending

We can advance businesses funds by borrowing against the strength of invoices and inventory.

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Freight Factoring

Freight factoring allows a client to sell unpaid invoices, removing the financial risk of waiting to be paid.

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Years of Building Trust

As a 26-year-old division of Chesapeake Bank, an FDIC insured institution, you can be sure that we can quickly and professionally help your clients with trusted advice and products designed to help them get to the next stage in their business life cycle.

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